Sunday, December 28, 2008

Checkin' in

Thought that I would drop in and say hello to everyone and hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas. I have taken a well deserved break... but what did I get accomplished?? Thanksgiving and Christmas is now behind all of us. What did I get for Christmas?? Lakota got sprayed by the mean ole skunk again, Christmas night!! Thank goodness that it was 60 degrees out that night. Of course it was in the early morning hours. I was going to put him in the garage but decided to put him in his kennel. It was not raining but a heavy dew. He did not smell by noon the next day. The Lord must take care of his animals with natural elements. lol Shawnee had a tiny smell around her neck and Lakota must have rubbed up against her. I think one night of staying out taught her a lesson; but you can't teach these males anything!! lol (Sorry Randy and Tom... the truth hurts. hehehe)

Gary went to church this evening but I just did not feel like it tonight. I have sold some things on e-b-a-y and of course bought too much. I bought a shower curtain that has horses on it and one of them looks just like Miss Gracie. lol I will have to show it when I get it done (next spring haha) I bought some Native American wallpaper border and I just LOVE it. It has painted Indian horses and little drawings of buffalo in the background. I will have everything in the house pasted up with that wallpaper border. lol Hmmmm I also bought a wolf shower curtain. I showed Gary the photos and he said to get both shower curtains... so I did. We don't really buy each other something for Christmas anymore, so guess that is my Christmas gifts.

You know our life changes everyday and we should really prepare ourselves for change. I just HAVE to share this. Retirement is really different. In the beginning Gary was in a hurry to do everything! For the first time he called about car insurance the first of the year. I heard him say something about miles on the car and driving slower to save on gas. Before he retired we use to go driving down the road like a Texas tornado, bumper to bumper with the person in front of us, even though it was the person 2 cars in front of them that was making traffic go at a snails pace of 70 miles and hour. lol (The floor board of the car was getting a lot of wear and tear on it from me bracing myself). Now all of a sudden we drive down the road doing 60 miles and hour (speed limit is 65) with traffic backed up behind us and Gary telling them to get around him if they want to go faster. I just look out the window as they pass the old codgers. lol He must like going slower now because I have even experienced 55 miles an hour the last couple of weeks.

I won't be back on for the next week. I have 3 days left to get my eyes checked. Leave it to me... why do today what you can put off until tomorrow! Right? Wishing all of you a wonderful week with lots of blessings and will try to stop in and comment a little more than I have been doing. All of you are in my prayers. God Bless, Janie


Paula said...

The driving experience is funny. Gary sounds so much like John. Does he ever drive down the middle of the road?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to hear from you! I'm glad you have weathered the holidays and the skunks. You'd think that dog would learn. I know I've slown down, but do try to do the speed limit. Everyone is always speeding by me anyway. Take care !
'On Ya'-ma

Lisa said...

Janie, good to have an entry from you. thanks for the pretty card that came yesterday, Hugs Lisa

Missy said...

I like e-bay myself.

I'm glad that Gary is making some changes with his driving lol. And I'm glad that odor left the dog.

(((HUGS))) *M*

Maria said...

HI, Janie! I've never sold or bought anything on Ebay...sounds like you have a good time doing it. My husband has retired and I noticed him driving slower too...funny how that works. Have a great rest of the year..until you blog again!

a corgi said...

good to hear from you Janie!! its good to take breaks from the computer and to be involved in other things; seems like you are getting a lot done; that's neat!

Happy New Year!


Melissa said...


Don't think of driving so slow as a bad thing...think of it as a chance to see what's outside the car window better!

I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment and your prayers for Emily and our family. I can never tell you in words how much I appreciate it.


Karen said...

You said something about things changing and this is what I am going through at the moment. It is a difficult time for me and I appreciate you reaching out with support and warm wishes. Many hugs, Karen

Lucy said...

So great to hear from you again. I know you have been really busy. So you are getting your eyes checked finally. I think You mentioned that a while back. Quite a while back. Lucy

Lucy said...

So great to hear from you again. I know you have been really busy. So you are getting your eyes checked finally. I think You mentioned that a while back. Quite a while back. Lucy

Rose said...

thanks for checking in!

Sending Blessing your way!


ADB said...

Wishing you well for the New Year,


chefkelly25 said...

Hi Janie,
Glad to hear from you. Have a Happy New Year! Poor dogs, I bet they will be leaving that skunk alone for awhile. Glad your holidays were good. kelly

Tracy said...

glad you had a good christmas and got some good stuff off ebay! great hearing from you! hugs

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

It's so nice to see an entry come in from you. Hoping all is well and this finds you happy, healthy and enjoying your everyday. Take care and Happy New Years to you and yours,

sheri said...

Too funny about the driving. I think everyone needs to slow down. This world is going at a very fast pace. Everyone is in a hurry.
I'm sure you will enjoy your rides together much won't have to keep putting on the