Saturday, November 8, 2008

Skunked AGAIN!!

Hmmm Wellllll.... Lakota and Shawnee got skunked again at 1:00 a.m. in the morning!! The minute they walked in the door I could smell it. They stayed outside last night and it was pretty cold. Around 38 degrees. I was going to put them in the garage but Gary said to leave them out because they have to learn. They do have a dog house to sleep in outside. We had a bottle of VET Thiotrol Spray. Gary also went to the vet's and bought another bottle. Lakota HATES skunks!! The last time he was the only one to get sprayed. They usually get it right in the face and the chest. I sprayed them 4 times this morning. They finally got to come in around one this afternoon. Be sure and keep an eye out for that skunk.... because I am sending him your way!! lol

Lakota was really happy to get in the house. I asked him if he got sprayed by a skunk in the 2nd photo. He later went to the dinning room and laid under the desk. I was trying to make him go lay where I put the towel.




Shawnee was glad to get in the house. Asked her if a skunk sprayed her in 2nd photo. She later stretched out on the towel and took a nap. She wants to do what I tell her. She is a very good dog... both are but Shawnee wants to please me. They are both exhausted and glad to get back in the house. The skunk spray is really strong and gives me a headache! I tried tomato juice and it did not work on Lakota. This Vet brand has a sprayer on the bottle and it works sooo much better than Skunk Off. It also has twice as much as Skunk Off.





Wishing all of you a blessed Saturday. Prayers & hugs, Janie


Tracy said...


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Don't send that skunk my way. We had one under the back steps this summer and lived in fear of being sprayed . Haven't seen any signs of it for a couple of months now.
'On Ya'-ma

Sugar said...

poor furrs, out in that cold!!! it wasn't really their fault, just trying to protect the family from a menacing stinky critter. lol tell gary they'll not learn by letting them freeze, they prob didn't even know why they were being punished by their family, poor babies. at least the garage with an old girls are howling just thinking about it. woof!
do you give them a good bath then spray htem, or spray first then bathe? i've never used anything like the past when i had dogs on the farm that'd get skunk sprayed, i used the old homemade skunky bath for them.
have a good wkend, & give them furrs an extra pat from me & my girls. {{}}

Indigo said...

They can be so expressive when you ask them if they got in trouble. LOL! (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

they are so cute!!! seems like they were just at the wrong place at the right time against that skunk

glad they were able to come in though after a bit


Heli gunner Tom said...

Sorry about your doggies.. lol. We have a trained Rottweiler name 'Deuce' who was rescued after the flood in New Orleans -Katrina. He is a noble beast that is our constant companion and 'service animal.'
I heard that tomato juice gets out the skunky smell.
Best Regards,
Tom Schuckman
heli-gunner tom

roberta said...


Linda :) said...

Oh Lakota and Shawnee, you poor things... now don't be playing with any more skunks.....
Hav a blessed Sunday!

kelly said...

that's what i'm afraid of.. we have one living under our front porch.. I've seen him on a couple of occasions.. really have to watch my dog when he's don't send yours my way...already have one...LOL..

Anne said...

Hey,if you ever need a dog sitter please call me. I love those guys! Anne

Lucy said...

They look disgusted and not really happy but who can blame them. DO NOT SEND THAT SKUNK MY WAY. lol

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said... can keep that old skunk. I think one got hit by a car by my house the other night...ewww. Your poor pups. I'm glad you found something that works for them. I had always heard tomato juice did but that was on humans. Your dogs are gorgeous. Have a blessed Sunday!

MISSY said...

Poor dogs lol.. AGAIN.


chefkelly25 said...

Now Janie you can just keep them Kansas skunks right there! HaHa! I have noticed noticed more skunks this year for some reason. They have such adorable faces and they are BIG! Poor things. Knowing Abbey and Rusty they would be proud owners of that stench so I am really careful. Kelly

Amanda said...

So Sorry! That skunk is really a pest!

I can't believe you are turning 65! You act like a teenager! Just kidding. But you sure do act younger then you are... in a good way!

God bless-

Searching for Peace said...

EWW!! That happend to mm with my dog last year among the incident of Porcupine quills. I gues that is what I get for living in the country. lol.I am glad that you got the smell out. We always have a bottle of skunk out on hand in case we have another incident...hugs, Christine

Kelly said...

Awww they were just doing their job keeping that polecat away. ;) I bet the smell was just awful. Glad you were able to get them destinkified.

Barb said...

Don't you DARE send that skunk our way, Janie. lol
Love the pics. Your dogs are so gorgeous. Bet Johnny and I'd spoil them if they were ours, at least as much as you do.

Kath said...

Don't know much about skunks Janie but I am sure reading plenty about them just now in Blogsville LOL!!Poo Stinky.Please keep them I am so happy theres none where I live.The dogs are beautiful.Have a good week I hope the skunks keep there distance from now on.In my prayers always .Take Care god Bless Kath xx

sheri said...

LOL..they don't look like they had gotten into anything..Giving you the innocent
Glad you were able to get the smell out.
Have a great day,
Hugs, Sheri

Lori said...

Oh my! I've never had an animal actually get sprayed by a skunk. Hope you were able to get rid of the smell quickly.

Connie said...

They are so beautiful.Those pics are priceless.They won't ever learn-all they know is they hate the skunks and they hate them even more after being sprayed,LOL.
tell them Connie and Miss Nala ((She prfers to be called Lizzy)) love them