Friday, April 10, 2009

Something unusual Thursday

Thursday Gary & I got around and went to the Social Security office around one in the afternoon. Gary went to the bathroom and I found a place to sit behind a slim looking guy. As I walked past him we looked each other in the eye and half way smiled. The back of his head was facing me. Since I have cut Gary's hair the thought went through my mind... "he just got a hair cut recently" Just had that look... sure you women know what I am talking about. lol

Gary came around the front of us wearing his black western hat, jeans, and western work shirt (not really dressed fancy). As Gary passed him the guy said... "Are you a real cowboy?" I am snickering softly. Gary was kind of dumb fonded and really didn't know how to answer him. lol I spoke up and told him that Gary was a drugstore cowboy. The guy asked Gary a couple of questions. Then the guy tells us... "I am older than what I look. I am 33 years old. I just got out of prison. I have been in prison since I was 17 years old." That kind of makes you take notice when someone tells you that. lol I am sitting there wondering why he was in prison for 16 years. lol Then he said he was an artist. He said he could look at us and airbrush a picture of us in about 2 1/2 hours. He said that he could also paint animals... anything that he looks at. Hmmmm I am thinking the whole time he is talking to us. I seem to always try to analyze everyone that I meet. hehe

He noticed my turquoise watch and said that he had made turquoise jewelry and leather purses. He said that he donated things that he made to children's benefit and etc... and said... what good is $1000 to someone in prison? I asked if he knew anyone from around Coffeyville, Kansas and he named someone by the name of Collins. I asked about a Bill Collins that Gary knows and the guy said that one of his stepmother's was his daughter. He mentioned the small town where my Grandmother lived. One of the first things that I did was ask him his name. I will remember that name. I was glad that he did not ask our name. He then told us that he had just gotten a hair cut because his hair was in a pony tail and that the top was braided. As I was watching him I took in details of his face... slim, some decays in his front teeth, glasses, checks sunk in, and not good looking. He would have looked a lot better if he weighed 50 pounds more. I told him that our son was going to be 33 and did not look his age either.

Then he said something about someone taking care of his dad... or something to the effect about not worrying. He then said, "I accepted Jesus Christ and I am not the same person as I was when I went in prison." As soon as he said that a young woman came and told him that someone with her was wanting to go to Wal Mart. She had been sitting in the parking lot waiting on him. He smiled and told her he didn't have anything to do and what ever she wanted to do. He shook hands with Gary... and I extended my hand to shake hands with him. As I watched him walk away I could tell that he was really thin. Levis were half way new. Of course all kinds of questions were going through my mind.

I told Gary that neither one of us had on a cross or anything. I have a ring that is praying hands but it is so small that I don't think he saw that. I remember kind of keeping my arms folded while talking to him, just a habit of mine.

I started thinking about when I sang at the prison... that was around 1991 (I think??) so he would have been too young to be in there. Gary said he was more than likely at the jail in Hutchinson since he went in when he was 17. When I sang at the prison there was one young man that stood out... and I am wondering if it was 1991 that I sang there?? Wow! Prison could sure change some one's looks. My family threw a fit when I went into the prison to sing. I would not want to go sing there now. lol Lord had a reason; I just don't know why yet.

Well, wishing all of you a blessed Easter. All of you are in my prayers.
God Bless, Janie


madcobug said...

Glad that man got his life straightened out. God can work wonders no matter where a person is.
Happy Easter to you and your family.
Hugs, Helen

Sugar said...

hoping this young man stays on the straight & narrow, & conts to have faith! will say a prayer for him.
have a lovely Easter wkend. ;)

sheri said...

I would certainly hope that this young man has the best intentions in life.
I am a little wary of why he would be there and then just leave when the girl came in. Had he already been taken care of at the SS. office.
You didn't say if he had actually seen one of the workers there..
Just curious. lol
Hope you have a lovely day Janie,
Hugs, Sheri

Lucy said...

Wow, you learned a lot about that man in a short while. I am with Sheri, I would have been very suspicious. Probably from living with Joe to long. lol Have a Happy Easter, Janie

It's Just Katie! said...

What a great story. Take care of you and may your Easter be one to remember always,

Paula said...

Interesting story but like some of the others I am a little leary. I'm glad he didn't ask your name or where you live.

Rose said...

God has His ways doesn't He? And speaks to us through all sorts of folks.