Saturday, May 2, 2009

Have we been too busy??? LOL

I sometimes wonder about Gary and I. lol Last Tuesday, the 28th we went to the Assistant Living and took my step-dad home. He had stayed with us for 3 days. I was waiting on 2 men instead of just 1. lol Wednesday Gary went to town for something?? When he walked in the door he had a bouquet of red roses that he had gotten at Dillon's for $13. He immediately said ... Well this is late. haha! I said... Oh our anniversary is today. He said... No it was yesterday. haha! We have been married 34 years... is that what marriage is like after 34 years?? hehe!

Well needless to say... I have been on SingSnap. It has become very addictive when you like to sing. I use to tell everyone that I would rather sing as eat. lol Singing has slowed down for me and I have gotten lazy on practicing. Not as good as I use to be with age. :) I recorded 3 songs Thursday night, 3 songs Friday night, and 2 songs tonight. Hmmm They have a community there just like blogger has. lol The Lord only gives me the friends that He wants me to meet. I have met one lady 50 years old and her husband is a minister in Kentucky. The other lady is in her 50's also. One is Sherri and the other one is Sharon. Nice ladies. They have some good singers on there and I am always amazed at how good some of the older people are. haha! I use to think anyone over 35 or 40 years old was ancient!!! haha! Isn't it funny how we all change our point of view when we get older. We even realize that our parent were pretty smart!! hehe!

When the rain quits some I have got to make 25 decorations for the cemetery for Memorial Day. Hmmmm that will be a week long job non-stop. The Lord has been soooo good to me by letting me buy artificial flowers and vines at auctions for hardly nothing. I have 6 BIG plastic tubs full of flowers and vines. I bought about 30 medium sized plastic vases last month for $7.50. They will have to be staked down in the ground so they won't blow over.

This is kind of a long entry so will make another entry about something that happened today. :) All are in my prayers. Hugs, Janie


Paula said...

So nice that you are meeting singing friends. Have fun with it.

Lucy said...

Hi JaNIE, NOT GOING TO TAKE A CHANCE on IE quitting by taking extra time to listen to your songs. I just don't know what will happen next. It has been a nightmare. I am not sure I am back to stay but I wnt to try to get back to all you people for all the encouraging words, i want to thank you. YesterdaY was crazy. We got our car down to the shop today and hope that they don't call and say something else is wrong. Hugs Lucy