Monday, October 6, 2008

Animal Photos

Harley (Houdini) lol must not have ever had a barn for shelter. He does not want to come in the barn. He cried for 2 days, but I did not hear him much today. :-) He is use to a woman. I guess he woke her up every morning baying. I am trying to get him to come to me in these 3 photos.




While I was trying to get Harley in the barn, Miss Gracie was eating.


Miss Gracie looks like a big horse when she looks over the stall. lol


But this why!! lol She stands in her feeding bin to look over. lol




Poor Shawnee (female) and Lakota (male)... they just don't understand why they can't go in the stalls.


Wishing all of you a blessed week with lots of blessings. All of you are in my prayers. God Bless and hugs, Janie


Alice said...

Harley is so cute :).......alice

Melissa said...

Janey that Harley is such a character! He looks like he is going to start talking any minute! And wouldn't you love to know what he's thinking!!!

Amanda said...

Happy to see your new home!! Looks good and sounds good.

Many blessings to you!

MISSY said...

They're all adorable!


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Hopefully he'll feel the comfort and love soon. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Tomorrow,

chefkelly25 said...

Great pictures Janie. Harley looks like he is saying "I didn't do it" in the first picture. Good music also. Kelly

a corgi said...

Harley has the cutest face!! all great pictures; I always like to see your animals :)


Rose said...

i bet it feels like you have a bunch of little kids to look after! rose

Indigo said...

I'm loving all the pictures of the animal kids. Harley is a riot. And yes, I do have one of those stubborn mule men, that is grumpy as a bear (winks). (Hugs)Indigo

Tracy said...

great pics! keep em coming! hugs

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Janie. I just marked myself as a follower. The pics are fabulous, love the songs, and I am looking forward to keeping a close eye on the goings on with your animals. -Karen

Linda :) said...

Hi Miss Gracie!
Harley you are too cute.....

Sugar said...

your babys are all so cute!

Kelly said...

Hey Janie! Somehow I didnt get your new address to over here, but I clicked on someone elses followers where you were and got here! :) Love the pictures of those animals. :) Love, Kelly