Monday, October 20, 2008

More Animal Photos

Well I guess I can say I am 2/3 well. lol I still have 3 more days of pills. I don't think I have coughed this much in a long time. I believe I had a bad sinus infection before everything got bad. I do think I will live. lol Our friends that go to Assistant Living on Tuesday; also got the same thing I have. Church or Assistant Living is where we got it. hehe

I have stayed pretty close to the house but today we drove about 60 miles northwest and went to Burden, Kansas. It is Yoder Concrete statuary. I finally got the White German Shepherd to put on Cherokee's grave on the pond dam. I also picked up a white wolf, small unpainted German Shepherd, and 2 concrete blocks to put on 2 graves; one for my mother and one for Gary's mother. I had to buy one block that was unpainted but I can do it pretty easy. I forgot to take my camera when we put the German Shepherd on the pond dam, so will have to post it next time.

Here is the white wolf. Thought this was funny when Lakota smelled the back of of it. hehe Sorry, no smell Lakota. lol


This is the block for mom and I will paint the other one for next Memorial Day. I like to get things like this as much as I do flower arrangements.


Thought I would show a couple of photos of the miniature horses. This will show how small they really are.

This is Snow Satin with Gary.


This is Speedy Moon with Gary.

I have commented on some journals but just have not felt too good so will have to get caught up. Hope this finds everyone well. All of you are in my prayers. God Bless, Janie


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...Janie, that wolf is so lifelike no wonder Lakota is sniffing. You got some gorgeous monuments.

We are all sniffling and aching here now also. I was down most of the weekend.

Glad you are starting to improve. HUGS

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better and hopefully when 3 days go by you'll be yourself again. I enjoy your animal pictures ! So cute they all are. The stone for your Mom is beautiful. 'On Ya' -ma

Karen said...

So sorry you're down and out, or at least was down and out. So glad you are getting back to normal. The pictures are such a joy to view.

Anonymous said...

The miniature horses are sooo cute. Glad you are back among the living. having that "junk" is no fun. Paula

MISSY said...

I like those sculptors Janie. I hope you feel better soon. *M*

Alice said...

Lakota looks so serious sniffing the other So many cute animals there. Glad you're on your way back to feeling good :).....alice

a corgi said...

Janie, so glad you are feeling a bit better; don't push yourself too much

I like the pictures of those minature ponies; it was a good comparison having them next to Gary

that wolf statue looked very life like!!

(((Janie))) take care of yourself


Searching for Peace said...

I hope that you get to feeling better. I am also sick but i think it is more depression than actual sickness. Thank you for being there for me Janie... hugs, Christine (struggling with my life)

Barb said...

You and hubby have done an awesome job of landscaping. Your home is beautiful. I love the wolf - looks so real. Super happy that you're feeling better. Big hugs for taking time to help me figure out my post problem. Appreciate you so much. Love you too.

Rose said...

how cool! hope you feel better, being sick is NOT fun!! blessings! rose

Anne said...

I do hope you get better. I've had a bad sinus infection also and still on meds. Your pictures are great. I got a chuckle out of the dog smelling the statues "backside." I just love the horse pictures too. Anne

Maria said...

Sending you get well fast wishes! Those little horses are the cutest!

Tracy said...

sorry your not fully well yet! i hope it goes away soon. i love that stone you have, i have it too , the heaven one. your ponys are too cute! hugs

Melissa said...


I'm way behind on journals too, even my own! So sorry you're sick (seems to be an epidemic everywhere!), Hope you are back to normal verrry soon.