Friday, October 24, 2008

We Are Harley's New Owners lol

About 4 months ago we had to put our burro, Gus, down. He was about 21 years old. The neighbors east of us owned Harley. He got out all the time and was in a tiny pen. She stopped at the end of our lane and asked Gary if he wanted a burro. Harley is 11 years old and we were not sure if he would get along with Speedy Moon, a miniature stallion. As you know he did manage to get out within 1 1/2 days!! lol He was VERY verbal the first 4 days... crying to go home which is less than 1/2 mile east of us. The last thing the lady told us: "If he does not work out, we will come and get him." Well, I think he is very happy here now. At first he was even scared to come in the barn. Horses and burros are very smart when it comes to TIME!! If Gary is 5 minutes late feeding.... Harley is bawling his head off!! lol Yes, he has gotten spoiled!! I bet if we took him back to his previous owners he would be bawling his head off to come back here! He seems to really like it here now. Wherever you see Miss Gracie... you see Harley.

We went to see the movie "W" with Terry Ann today. Gary said the movie was a flop just like Bush. hehe Never know what Gary might say. lol Terry Ann took some pictures of us in front of the theater. I hate to have my picture taken anymore. At my age what pictures are good!!!??? lol I took some of Terry Ann... but have to ask if I can put them on here. hehe






Hope all of you have a wonderful week. All of you are in my prayers. God Bless, Janie


Tracy said...

well dont you look pretty in the pictures! :) hugs

Anonymous said...

You and Gary both look great. I can't believe its cool enough for those jackets. I'm still in short sleeves. Paula

Alice said...

Hmmm I think you look very glamorous and pretty. Love the dark sun shades :).........alice

Anonymous said...

You both look great,take care,jean

Sugar said...

sorry about gus, but he had a long kife.
glad harkey has a kind home. :)
the pics are great, ty for sharing, you look hot! :)
have a good wkend.

took me 3 tries to get past that dreaded word verification. grrr

sheri said...

Janie, you always look good! I've been wanting to go to the movies..I started a list of ones that I want to see..Now I just have to get like to go to before 4:00pm, it's about half the price.
Have a relaxing week-end,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You always look great! Good to see your pics and glad you now have Harley. 'On Ya' - ma

a corgi said...

you are gorgeous!! I love your smile!!

I'm so glad you got to keep Harley! its so funny, I saw this title of your blog entry last night on Dashboard and I'm thinking "Janie bought a motorcyle?" then when I got in here today I remembered your mule; too funny!

I heard someone said "W" was very kind to Bush in its portrayal; I'm not sure if I'll see it; not that I have anything against the movie; just don't make it to a lot of movies these days

enjoy the day :)


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

You look great, Janie! So pretty! So Harley is yours...whoo hoo! I just met another blogger that has donkeys. This is her link. She's a cancer survivor and really a nice lady. HUGS

Linda :) said...

So glad Harley gets to stay, he is such a cutie!!
and you look great, like a movie star even.... :)

Rose said...

yay for harley! great pics! rose

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Your pix always turn out good..guess..I am not photogentic and you are..or I am better at taking pix...LMAO..have a good day...gotta get busy.TerryAnn