Saturday, October 4, 2008

Animals Galore!! PICTURES

Thought I would share some photos of the cats!! I have 4 cats. This cat is a new kid on the block and the youngest. He hangs out with the dogs most of the time. He really thinks he is something great!! His expression reminds me of the cat in "Cat From Outer Space"... yes, I know that cat was a Siamese. :) This was a free cat like the burro. The only difference is that he was not invited here... he just showed up unannounced one day. By the time we took him to the vet the "Free Cat" cost us $150 !!! He is pretty smart because he gets a lot of attention. If we (or the dogs) don't notice him when we walk on the porch... he will reach out and slap us!!



This "Queen" is Mama Kitty!! She does not tolerate Scruffy very much at all! As you can see in one of the photos her ears are laid back and she is ready to nail him. Mama Kitty is the oldest and the "Boss".



This is Sammie. She is playing with something??


This little lady thinks she is a pretty girl... which she is! lol


Wishing you all a blessed Sunday. Hugs, Janie


MISSY said...

I love cats. Scruffy is adorable.


a corgi said...

love your new journal Janie!! and I liked the pictures of the cats!! they are all so cute and look like they are well loved and taken care of!

have an awesome Sunday!


sheri said...

Janie, You have done a wonderful job of getting your pictures on board. I am still trying to figure out how to add a new picture..You know, like you would have put in the sidebar..
Ohhh, this will keep us busy, I'm

Sugar said...

the purrs are so cute. loved the pics, ty for sharing.

Lucy said...

Spunky does not like cats and some hang around where Joe walks him and he sees one and tries to snbeal up on them. When they disappear down a grate or gutter he is mystified. I like cats and that is so cute. Lucyu

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Thanks for sharing - Their adorable. Take care and have a blessed day,

Anne said...

gosh, that white dog in your pictures looks just like my dog, Luke, who passed on this last Feb. I just love all of the animals. Is the dog yours too? Anne

Tracy said...

awwwww love kitty cats, yours are cute! hugs