Friday, October 3, 2008


Yep! This is my new Harley! He has 2 big handle bars! lol He is now the new kid on the block! He is 11 years old and he was free!! WooHoo! He also came with worm medicine, his booster shot, and fly repellent! Now how can you do better than that?? lol He has the cross on his back like the one Jesus rode.


Three months ago we had to put our old burro down! :( Last week the lady that lives east of us stopped and asked if we wanted a burro. I was really leary about this, something free is usually not free. Hmmm Well they brought him to us at 5 this evening in their horse trailer. It was sooo funny to watch him. They have owned him for 3 years. He has been in a small lot all summer and he kept getting out to be with the horses. When hubby asked if he liked horses she told him that was Harley's problem, he loved horses. He scared the high dollar horses that they board. I can understand now why he scared them!! The minute that he saw Miss Gracie he took out running as fast as he could baying all the way! She looked so funny at him! I wish I had took my video camera to capture it. She was on guard and really didn't know what to think. She got pretty fistey around him but he kicked at her and she backed off. Within 30 minutes they were grazing with each other like they had been buddies for years!

I saw something in Miss Gracie that I have never seen before!! This is a $200 horse that someone just did not have time for. She is only 3 years old. I think she is a beautiful horse. She saw the horse next door and they are really good friends. :-) She did not want to leave Harley (amazing) and she arched her neck and pranced and raised her tail. Wow! Harley's owners work with polo horses and she said... "Look how proud she is! She is beautiful." I wonder if I will be able to capture a photo of her doing that again... I hope so!! I could not get a close up photo of her.


Now Speedy Moon is a different story!! He is a stallion.... pint size stallion! He is the boss and acts just like a stallion!! Speedy Moon charged the fence at Harley! Harley ran like he had been shot. Speedy Moon is the little brown and white. Miss Gracie stood between Speedy Moon and Harley. To protect the little ones is what I think. Animals are so smart.Photobucket

Miss Gracie wants to know if you want to give her some sugar?



Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend with lots of blessings. All are in my prayers. God Bless with hugs, Janie


sheri said...

Hi Janie,
Doctors say that you need to challenge your brain as you get older....well, this has been my challenge for the
I still have a lot of learning to do here.
I love your Have a great week-end..

Linda:) said...

Welcome Harley!!!

Melissa said...

ahhh he's too cute! Lucky you getting to watch such a show every day. I would love to have horses and a burro right outside my door! And I'd looove to give Miss Gracie some sugah!

chefkelly25 said...

He is so cute! I want one! That is nice of you to give Harley a good home. Miss Gracie seems happy! Kelly

Tracy said...

awwwww how cute! have a good weekend! hugs

Tracy said...
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Indigo said...

I love Harley. What a beautiful burro. This entire entry was a nice read. Sometimes animals just click in a way you never expected. (Hugs)Indigo

Lucy said...

Hey Sheri, I could not YOU MORE. jAnie I love your Harley. How adorable. I wANT ONE TO. Janie your blog looks wonderful.


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

With gas prices they way they are ~ This might be my new way of traveling. Happy Trails to You!

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

AWWW..Harley is a sure Carlie will love him she is asleep...was busy busy when after I got back home think am going to go to bed soon too...can bare to look at the screen killing me today..LOL..have a good night love you. TerryAnn

MISSY said...

They are all amzing Janie. Animals can be so smart can't they? I'm glad they donkey fit in.


Rose said...

now that's a happy story! rose